Tie Dye Teddy Bear Workshop

Color Burst Teddy Workshop

A no mess “Tie-Dye Teddy Bear” activity! Drop, dribble, squirt and scribble Tie-Dye paint puts the fun back into learning.

Color Burst Teddy uses a unique bottled paint system which when applied, seeps and flows, creating a tie-dye effect without the mess. Before kids can paint, they first bring their bear to life by hand stuffing it with fluff. Kids can then drop, dribble, squirt and scribble paints on, creating a burst of tie-dye color and creativity, while educators and parents don’t have to worry about mixing, soaking or the mess associated with traditional tie-dye systems. Color Burst Teddy Workshop is ideal for classrooms, educational organizations, park districts, birthday parties, private home events and more.