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Need a simple fundraiser for your organization?
Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop proudly offers a unique program, a stuffed animal workshop, that people of all ages will love, while offering a high return to the organization raising funds.
Why host an event with Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop for your fundraising needs?

Our stuffed animal workshop offers a fun, yet simple opportunity to raise money for your organization. We offer high quality products that meet the federal standards for child safety, so you can be confident in our brand.

How much profit can your organization make?

Your organization will determine what price you will set for guests to participate in the event, therefore, there is no maximum amount that you could earn!

We can meet your fund-raising goals!

Our successful workshops can meet the goals you set. Whether you need $100, $500 or $5,000, we can help you achieve it with a teddy bear workshop.

Why Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop?

Simple – Animals are hand stuffed and snapped closed, so any one can host and participate!
Quality – High-quality products that meet safety standards.
Unlimited Earning Potential – Set your goal and let us help you achieve it.
Personalized Service – Our Party Coordinators will do what you need throughout your fundraising process to help you reach your goal.
Unique – Our program offers you the opportunity to stand out in the fundraising crowd, with a fun family event that will appeal to multiple audiences.

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