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Engage Young Learners
with an At-Home or On-Site Teddy Bear Workshop

Our Teddy Bear Workshop is an interactive story hour, connecting storybook characters to a teddy bear workshop. Whether you’re looking for a study buddy, a pet, or a pal, there are plenty of workshop themes to choose from. Each theme pairs a storybook adventure to help kids learn valuable lessons- like the fear of the first day of school, making new friends, or how much fun it is to play and imagine. There are stories and furry friends for everybody that will expand and inspire each child’s imagination.


During the workshop, the children are read a story, then bring the plush character to life by hand-stuffing it and wishing on a star. We ship direct to you, and each animal comes with everything needed to bring your very own furry friend to life, including the fiberfill stuffing, rainbow wish star, birth certificate, and take-home bag. Plus, large group orders will receive one FREE book with your order of 20 or more.

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