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Build a Bear Birthday

Build a Bear Birthday Parties Made Easy

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Cele-BEAR-ate With Us! Totally Bear-rifc Fun!

When you have a party with us, you don’t have to worry about transportation or public safety issues! We ship the party direct to your door, and since our furry friends are hand stuffed by the kid’s and zip closed with a permanent closure, it’s fun, easy and affordable! We have over 25 pals to choose from, outfits, accessories, and a furry friend for every budget!

During the workshop, kids’ hand-stuff their own pal, then make a wish on a rainbow star before tucking it safely inside their new friend! Then they name it, dress it and take it home in a colorful, reusable take home bag. It’s the ultimate group party fun because animal creation is done together.

Book the best birthday party now– it’ll be better than you imagine and something your child will never fur-get.

Each Animal Kit Includes:

15” Furry Friend of Choice, Rainbow Wish Star, Stuffing Packet,

Birth Certificate, and Laminated Nylon Take Home Bag.

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