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This is the Best DIY summer activity! Every-thing is sent to us and our counselors do this with the kids. The kids look forward to it every year! Toddlers to school agers… they all participate!

We are in a small, rural town, and this is the most popular event we have ever hosted. Registration always has a waiting list. Patrons look forward to our Teddy Bear Workshop reading programs.

This was a great event. The children loved their furry friends and did everything with them that day in class. They were easy to assemble and the wish stars are sweet. Thank you Noah’s Ark workshop!

The children and staff had a great time making their animals, and are already asking to do another. We are planning a family fun night and will incorporate this as a fundraiser. Thank you Noah’s Ark Workshop staff for your help and creative ideas!

Noah’s Ark Workshop is a ‘summer family fun night’ favorite among our residents. Each year we host a ‘sold out’ teddy bear event, which always brings the community together.