The Premium Membership Kit

The Premium Membership Kit

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The Premium Membership Kit is offered at a 51% discount, and includes a Bonus Kit with over $100 worth of FREE Product.  This kit is the ideal investment for those serious about maximizing profits.  The Premium Membership Kit includes the Basic Membership Kit, a 120 piece direct mail marketing campaign, plus the following: 

80 Cuddly Pals, assorted-

(7) Mojo Monkey
(7) Twix kitty
(7) Sweet Pea Lamb
(7) Ice Cream Bear
(7) Cotton Candy Bear
(7) Curly Pig
(7) Prissy Kitty
(7) Cupcake Poodle
(6) Milk Bear
(6) Buffy Chihuahua
(6) Bubbles Cow
(6) Wrigley Lab

40 Outfits, assorted-

(4) Purple Spring Dress
(4) Ballerina Leotard
(4) Doctor Scrubs
(4) Pink Robe & Slippers
(4) Nurse Scrubs
(4) Bumble Bee Dress
(4) Fire Marshal Uniform
(4) Karate Uniform
(4) Soccer Uniform
(4) Baseball Uniform

40 T-shirts, assorted-

(12) Plain White T-Shirts
(12) Plain Blue T-Shirts
(12) Plain Pink T-Shirts
(2) Happy Birthday T-Shirt Blue
(1) Happy Birthday T-Shirt Red
(1) Happy Birthday T-Shirt Yellow


(80) Take Home Bags
(2) Boxes of Stuffing

*BONUS KIT: $106.60 in Free Product
(4) Assorted Blanket Buddies
(12) Giraffe Key Chains
(100) Birth Certificates
(100) Rainbow Wish Stars
(100) Recruiting Brochures

*Kit contents subject to change without notice.

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