Traveling Teddy Bear Classroom Kit

Traveling Teddy Bear Classroom Kit

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Teddy Bear Adventures is a brilliantly fun activity that teaches children responsibility, language development, writing skills, literacy and geography, while connecting the classroom to the home. It’s a storybook journaling activity that engages parents and children in the  adventures of their classroom teddy.  

Students bring their classroom teddy to life together by filling it with fluff and rainbow wish stars (one for each student). Next, the adventures begin! Each student will have an opportunity to take teddy home in his Bear Buddy Backpack for the night, weekend, or the full week—you decide. During his adventures at home,  parents work together with their child, reading teddy’s special story, then logging what they did with teddy in the journal. Upon teddy’s return to the classroom,  children can read (or have read) their journal entry.
Teddy Bear Adventure Kits come with your choice of unstuffed teddy bear (or other unstuffed animal), Bear Buddy Back Pack, fluff, rainbow wish stars, journal and My Friend Bear story book.

Classroom Kit Includes: • Bear Buddy Backpack • Your Choice of Unstuffed Animal     (Over 20 to choose from!) • Stuffing • Wish Star for each child • Journal • My Friend Bear   Story book 

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