Stressing about your New Year’s Resolution?

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“The arrival of the New Year is often paired with one big and weighing question, “What is your New Year’s Resolution?”

With that in mind, have you thought about yours? What will you focus on this year? This is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot this week. What is my New Year’s Resolution?

I arrived at my answer sitting on the closet room floor with my 5 year-old son, Luke- who thinks his name is cool right now, especially after seeing the new Star Wars movie. When we arrived home from the movie, he quickly ran upstairs to retrieve his Star Wars Encyclopedia; it was given to him last year as a gift for his birthday and remains one of his favorite books. He was lost in space busily flipping through the pages and filling his imagination with pictures of these far-out characters.

I joined him on the floor and read the characters’ names to him, and when we were done, I placed the book on the shelf next to an old box. It was the same box that I had packed up several years ago, but now it took on a new appearance and was covered in a layer of dust. I removed it from the shelf, dusted it off, and opened the box to reveal a treasure trove of things, from Luke’s first pacifier, a clipping from his first haircut and other memorable things.

Luke was simply fascinated with all of his history, and maybe just as much as his Star Wars Encyclopedia.

The passing of time happens.

It just does and there’s nothing we can do about it.

We can try to capture it and secure it in a box, and yet all of this is great to remember and recall, but it also brings upon a feeling of melancholy sadness. I’m not sure why this is- maybe it’s because I’m getting closer to the day that Luke will not need me as much as he does today, which makes me sad. Or maybe it’s because I realize how precious these moments truly are, because they are passing.

It was then and there, that I made my New Years Resolution to make a conscious effort to take hold of the moment and make the most if it while my kids are still small. Time is quickly passing, but we can beat time by using it wisely. This is so very important especially living life with young children. It’s not always easy, because there are often times when I’m distracted and my time is stolen away and in many cases, it’s simply because of my phone- whether I’m surfing the web or scrolling through Facebook. So, this year I’m going to put my phone aside and make a special attempt to take hold of the present. When my kids ask me to play, I’ll play, and when they ask me for ice-cream, I’ll get the cones and have some too! If you have yet to make your New Year’s Resolution, I suggest putting your phone aside too, take hold of the moment, and enjoy the gifts of the present.

May 2016 be your best year yet!”

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