Onsite Field Trip Ordering

Thank you for your interest in Noah's Ark Animal Workshop. We offer the perfect onsite field trip, summer camp activity or large group event!  We are just like the Teddy Bear store in the mall, except we come to you and the kids do the stuffing with their "BARE" hands.   

All plush animal skins featured in this category are specially priced for large group events and come with everything needed to host a BEAR-rific stuffed animal workshop, which includes your choice of 15” plush pal, fiberfill, rainbow wish star, birth certificate and reusable, laminated take home bag.  
If you are looking for a specific style not shown here on promotion, please call us at 1-866-484-6624 and we will see what we can do.
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  • 15" Flint Fox
    Flint, our sweet stuffed fox is sure to win the hearts of stuffed animal fans everywhere!   ..
  • 15" Montana Moose
    Soft and cuddly, sweet Montana Moose is fun and huggable! ..
  • 15" Oakley Owl
    Oakley the Owl will swoop down and steal your heart.  Oakley Owl is the perfect bedtime buddy since this owl is nocturnal.   ..
  • 15" Rocco Raccoon
    15" Rocco Raccoon is a soft and squishy plush His fun-loving spirit is always ready for a mischievous adventure! ..
  • Color Burst Tie-Dye Teddy Bear Workshop
    Make Your Own Tie-Dye Teddy Bear without the Mess! Color Burst Teddy is fun, easy and a brilliant way to help kids express their unique creativity.   First, kids hand stuff their 14" white teddy, wish on a star and name it with a birth certificate.  Then they drop, dribble, squirt and s..