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  • 13" Honey Bear
    This adorable and cuddly Honey bear has super soft plush and adorable dimples! Bring him to life today! ..
  • 13" Paka Puppy
    This adorable 14" puppy has a multi-colored wavy soft plush. ..
  • 14" Color Burst Tie Teddy
    Make Your Own Tie-Dye Teddy Bear without the Mess! Its fun & easy. First you hand stuff the white teddy, then color, paint or squirt colors on with our unique paints, creating your own, unique tie-dye teddy. ..
  • 15" Swampy the Frog
    This gentle frog with soft green fur will leap right into your heart. Its big smile with make you smile! Personalize it with stuffed animal clothing and a frog sound chip. ..
  • 15" Harvey the Pig
    Plush Stuffed Pig.  Adorable stuffed piglet ..
  • 15" Wrigley Lab
    Adorable cuddley puppy will give you lots of puppy kisses!  Every needs this plush love in hug and snuggle with. ..
  • 16" Care Bear Bedtime
    Our blue Bedtime Care Bear has an adorable sleepy smile and is just waiting for a child to come tuck him in at night. ..
  • 15" Care Bear Cheer Bear
    Our 14' pink Cheer Care Bear is bursting with fun and excitement and can't wait to be hugged! ..
  • 15" Care Bear Superstar Bear
    Our bright yellow 14" Super Star Care Bear is bursting with fun and a sunshine smile that will bring delight to any child. ..