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  • 16" Mojo Monkey- AVAILABLE OCT 1
    Stuffed Monkey Mojo is the softest guy of the bunch! Always looking for some love and fun, Mojo Monkey promises a life full of affection and entertainment! ..
  • 16" Twix Kitty- AVAILABLE OCT 1
    Fall in Love with this super cozy kitty that's super soft! Twix Kitty comes with fluffy orange and caramel striped fur and the Prrr-fect kissable pink nose.  Personalize her with outfits and accessories. ..
  • 16" Honey Comb Teddy Bear
    This classic 16 in. Honey Comb Teddy Bear will make you smile. With a honey comb shaped nose and black and yellow bumble bee heart on his behind, he sure is sweet,  Personalize this teddy bear with clothing and accessories to make the perfect unique gift.  ..
  • 16" Cuddlez Teddy Bear- AVAILABLE OCT 1
    Make a wish upon this rainbow colored teddy bear that's sure to bring you love, hugs and hope! ..
  • 16" Hope Pink Heart Teddy Bear
    16" Pink heart teddy bear is a perfect gift to give a loved one.  With a pink button nose, Hope teddy bear is also a cuddly way to show Breast Cancer support. ..
  • 17" Prissy Kitty
    This is truly the coziest kitty to hug and love with her extra-soft plush fur and emerald green eyes! Personalize her with outfits and accessories. ..
  • 13" Paka Puppy
    This adorable 14" puppy has a multi-colored wavy soft plush. ..
  • 14" Color Burst Tie Teddy
    Make Your Own Tie-Dye Teddy Bear without the Mess! Its fun & easy. First you hand stuff the white teddy, then color, paint or squirt colors on with our unique paints, creating your own, unique tie-dye teddy. ..