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  • Cheerleader
    Teddy Bear sized cheerleader outfit includes shirt, skirt and poms.  White, black and red cheerleader outfit. ..
  • Diva Girl
    All beautiful Diva's deserve a teddy worthy of her diva-ness!  This Diva outfit will make a plush friend a Super Diva! ..
  • Rock Star
    All  beautiful Rock Star's deserve a teddy worthy of her Rock Star status!  This Rock Star outfit will turn any plush friend into a SUPER ROCK STAR! ..
  • Snowflake Dress
    Snowflake dress fits most 14" - 17" plush. ..
  • Sweet Heart Dress
    Show your favorite teddy bear she is your sweetheart in the adorable black dress with pink and red hearts.  Comes with an adorable hearts head band. ..
  • Purple Spring Dress
    Pretty Teddy Bear Purple Sparkle dress perfect for the spring season.  ..
  • Sassy Summer Wear
    Keep your animal cool this summer by dressing it in this stylish jean skirt set! ..
  • Pink Ballerina
    Looking for a Teddy Bear Ballerina outfit? This teddy bear size ivory ballerina outfit will turn any teddy bear or stuffed animal into a dancing bear. ..