Teddy Bear Workshop
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We Make Magical Moments and a Lifetime of Memories!

When you host a Noah’s Ark Workshop for any occasion, you’re in for a BEAR-RIFIC Teddy Bear Workshop, where wishes come true and animals are made! As the company that inaugurated the mobile Teddy Bear Workshop, WE COME TO YOU! With over 30 plush pals to choose from and a buddy for every budget, we have something for everyone. Your professional party leader will make sure everyone has a boatload for fun, full of smiles, giggles and magical memories.

During the workshop guests hand-stuff a cuddly pal, make a wish on a star, name and dress it, as they cheerfully make their way through the following stations.



  1. THE CHOOSE ME STATION is where animal makers are introduced to all the furry friends and then select one, which soon becomes a best friend. There is a large selection to choose from including teddy bears, frogs, dogs, and more.

  2. THE STUFFING STATION is where Animal Makers will hand-stuff their new pal, filling them with fluff and love. This is where guests customize just how snuggly their pal will be by determining how much stuffing will go into their new pal.

  3. THE WISHING STATION is where Animal Makers will fill their new friend with magical wishes and special intentions by wishing on their rainbow star, which is then inserted inside their furry pal.

  4. THE CLOSING STATION is when the new plush pals are “snapped” closed with our patented locking snapping closure so there is no sewing involved and closing is quick and easy.

  5. THE DRESS ME STATION allows Guests to personalize their animals in whimsical outfits and costumes such as a fairy princess, cheerleader, soccer player and more.

  6. THE NAME ME STATION is where Guests can personalize a one-of-a-kind birth certificate with name, fur color, stickers and more

  7. THE TAKE ME HOME STATION  Guests conclude this magical experience at the Take Me Home station. Each new friend is then placed in his or her colorful, reusable take home bag, for safe transport to his or her forever home.