the Buddies you make and take
Everywhere you go

Kid’s Colorful Little Personalities 

Grow BIG When They Get CREATIVE!

GOBBIES (pronounced GO- Beez) are cool and colorful little Sea Creatures that come as a craft kit.  Great for school agers, Gobbie Kits come unassembled, so kids can use their creativity and fine motor skills to assemble their Gobbie Buddy using colorful cords and beads. 

There are six introductory Gobbies to choose from and each kit includes a colorful Gobbie, colored cords, and a unique packet of round and animal-shaped beads. When the kids are done assembling the beads and cords on their Gobbie, they finish by adding a snap-clip then ‘snap’ it on their backpack or bag- and take it everywhere they Go!

Each Gobbie is uniquely customizable, collectible, and Eco-Friendly!

  Choose Your Gobbie






String Beads Onto Colorful Cords

Beads will come in an assortment of vibrant colors, sizes and shapes, that easily slide onto the colorful cords provided. 

String Cords Onto Gobbie

Cords come in an assortment of vibrant colors, both solid and patterned that easily loop through holes on the bottom of the Gobbie head. Kid’s choose how to arrange cords.

String Beads Onto Other Side of Cord

After the final beads are added, simply tie a knot at the end, pull it tight and let the stings hang down. 

Twist and Spin Your New Buddy and Watch his Legs Jiggle, Wiggle and Dance.

Let Your Shine & Have Fun!

GOBBIES (pronounced Go-Beez)
The BUDDIES You Make -
and Take Everywhere You GO!

Colorful Gobbie Key Clips Make it Easy To

 Clip Your Gobbie Onto Your Favorite Things… and GO!

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