Custom Teddy Bear T-Shirts

Custom Teddy Bear T-Shirts

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We have Teddy Bear T-Shirt customization available to help you promote your organization or event!


Add a blank t-shirt into your package and create a t-shirt decorating activity that kids just love. Our blank t-shirts are an ideal way for kids to personalize their new friend with a creative activity. Use fabric crayons or markers, fabric paints, puffy stickers and gems to embellish and decorate the t-shirts.


Looking for a unique way to promote your organization or event? Customized teddy bear t-shirts is the answer. We can imprint your logo or event on a teddy bear t-shirt, which will brand and promote your company.


Our ‘Happy Birthday’ t-shirts can be personalized with your child’s name. Personalized birthday t-shirts are a great gift for the birthday child to remember their special birthday party.

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