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Teddy Bear Workshop

Teddy Bear Workshop

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Teddy Bear Workshop Shipped To You!

Our Furry Friends are hand-stuffed and have a hidden locking closure, so No sewing is required, which makes our at-home teddy bear workshop fun and easy! 

With over 30 furry friends and a buddy for every budget, we have something for everyone.  During the workshop, kid’s hand-stuff their new pal, make a wish on a star, name, dress it, and love it fur-ever.  Because our pals are hand stuffed and have a locking zipper closure, our at-home teddy bear workshop is fun, easy, and done in just six easy steps!  

During the workshop guests hand-stuff a cuddly pal, make a wish on a star, name and dress it, as they cheerfully make their way through the following stations.


Animal Makers are introduced to all of the unstuffed furry friends and selects one.  We can also provide you with custom order forms ahead of time so workshop participants can preorder their furry friend of choice


Each unstuffed furry friend has a large, but hidden opening on back, which makes hand stuffing it simple.Kids customize just how snuggly their pal will be by determining how much stuffing will go into it.



Animal Makers will fill their new friend with a special intention by wishing on a rainbow star and placing it inside of their furry friend.


Furry friends have a locking zipper, which is covered by a hidden Velcro closure, so there is no sewing involved and closing is quick, easy and permanent.



Kids then personalize their furry friend with thebirth certificate, giving it a name, birth date, identifying fur and eye color,and more.


Kid’s conclude this exciting experience by taking it home in a colorful, laminated nylon take home bag, and begin a lifetime of love and friendship.

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